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Bed-Bug-Rid 3 oz. Ready-To-Use Travel Size Spray Bottle


Unleash the power of eco-friendly pest control with Bed-Bug-Rid 3 oz. Ready-To-Use Travel Size Spray Bottle. Packed with natural diatomaceous earth, this ready-to-use spray not only eradicates bed bugs but also targets other pesky indoor and outdoor bugs like cockroaches. Its residual effect leaves a fine coating to ward off eggs and larvae, providing long-lasting protection.

EPA recommends it for non-chemical bed-bug treatment and contains 100% EPA-exempt ingredients. It’s your go-to bug control solution, perfect for mattresses, furniture, and luggage. Plus, our customers love it – ask James, who commends the product’s effectiveness and eco-friendly approach. Choose Bed-Bug-Rid, the safe and effective solution for your bug problems.

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Introducing the Eco-Friendly and Highly Effective Bed-Bug-Rid 3 oz. Ready-To-Use Travel Size Spray Bottle

Introducing the Bed-Bug-Rid 3 oz. Ready-To-Use Travel Size Spray Bottle, your ultimate companion for a bug-free environment. This handy, compact spray is perfect for those on the go, providing an effective, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly solution to your bug problems.

The power of this product lies in its unique formula containing diatomaceous earth, a natural product recognized for its residual effect. Not only does it kill bed bugs, Larvae, and Eggs, but it also targets Cockroaches and many other indoor and outdoor bugs.

Unlike traditional pesticides that harm our environment, Bed-Bug-Rid 3 oz. Ready-To-Use Travel Size Spray Bottle ensures a safe and eco-friendly approach to bug control. It dries and leaves a fine coating of diatomaceous earth to continue the battle against eggs and larvae, giving you the peace of mind you deserve.

The Bed-Bug-Rid 3 oz. Ready-To-Use Travel Size Spray Bottle proves that powerful bug killers don't need to be harmful. Its effectiveness aligns with the EPA's recommendations for prevention and non-chemical treatment for bed-bug problems.



  • Spray Bed-Bug-Rid on and around mattresses and box springs, as well as headboards, baseboards, bed frames, furniture, bedding, floor and wall coverings, rugs, luggage, drapes, cracks and crevices, and any other areas where bed-bugs may hide. Vacuum thoroughly and repeat.
  • When you travel and return home, inspect your luggage and unpack it in a safe area, like the garage or mudroom.
  • Wash everything in the hottest water. The fabric can stand and dry on hot for 20 minutes.
  • Don't forget to spray your luggage. *

This product contains only 100% EPA-exempt ingredients. This product is exempt from Federal EPA registration under section 25(b) of FIRFA and is not registered with the Environmental Protection Agency.

Additional information

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 1.5 × 1.5 × 4.5 in

1 review for Bed-Bug-Rid 3 oz. Ready-To-Use Travel Size Spray Bottle

  1. James

    Kudos to the suppliers of Bed-Bug-Rid for providing an exceptional solution that swiftly rids bed-bugs while prioritizing eco-friendly methods. Their commitment to a pesticide-free approach is commendable.

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