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Jungle Flora Extreme Kit


Includes three (3) Jungle Flora Extreme 4.20 packs (each pack makes 1 gallon ready-to-use product) and a FREE gallon jug with remote sprayer.

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Experience Unmatched Plant Growth with Jungle Flora Extreme Kit

Your 100% Organic Solution for Healthier Plants

Enhance the vitality of your plants with the Jungle Flora Extreme Kit, a 100% organic plant food suitable for indoor and outdoor plants. This nutrient-rich formula contains a fermented blend of composted cow and chicken manures, vermicast, Acadian kelp, fish emulsion, volcanic rock dust, potassium humate, and filtered rainwater.

Designed to supplement the soil with essential nutrients, the Jungle Flora Extreme Kit results in greener grass, healthier plants, and superior vegetable yields. With regular applications, it also improves soil conditions and stimulates earthworm activity.

This organic plant food is effective and environmentally friendly, as it helps reduce pest and fungus problems.

The kit includes three 4.2 oz Jungle Flora Extreme packs, a free gallon jug, and a free remote sprayer.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 5.7 × 11 in


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